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SW Legions - Tabletop Miniatures
---3d Resin Printed Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming---
***Made to Order***

Number of Pieces: 8
Scale: 35mm **Legion Scale - Not Actual Size - due to exaggerated proportions models may appear slightly larger**

• Printed in high quality ABS-Like resin.
• Model is not painted or primed.
• **Some models may have more than one piece and may need to be assembled.**
• Superglue or something similar is needed to glue the models and their bases together.
• Larger models may be hollowed and have well placed drain holes.

Please Note:
**3D prints are made to order and, by their nature are somewhat unique and it is expected that there will be some variation between prints.
**They are carefully crafted and cleaned by hand.
**As with all miniatures, however, minor defects are still possible.
**Models will be removed of supports, cleaned and cured. **Some very delicate pieces may arrive with some supports still in place to aid in structural integrity.
**It is possible that some amount of additional cleanup of the model is necessary before paint if something was missed.
**Images may be renders of the model and physical prints may differ slightly.

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Great little bunch of guys. Super happy with how they turned out. Seller is awesome never had a broken shipment from him and always happy to help with anything.

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